The Advantage is Yours with Ligl – Hold Preservation and Collections

Michael Lappin April 20, 2021

Success early in a case demands swift and auditable legal hold notification. Next in the chronology of a typical eDiscovery workflow is the need to insure preservation. Most people would say that collection needs to be as immediate as possible for good posture and attestation to the chain of custody. What if you had the luxury to preserve in place immediately AND collect when the time was right?

You can perform either or both using Ligl Hold

Today’s enterprises are laboring under the certainty that more litigation is coming. As we recover from the pandemic the number of lawsuits will increase dramatically as it always does after an economic downturn. Corporations are preparing for eDiscovery by moving forward on a variety of initiatives. Once the litigation hold notifications have gone out to the known custodians requiring retention of relevant data what comes next? Well, it used to be an all-night, all-weekend endeavor by the legal and IT staff to collect the records – keep on collecting until the work is done right?

Most in-house corporate paralegals and eDiscovery technical liaisons have learned to dread the last-minute call…often on Friday afternoon, during a holiday or a weekend where they are suddenly asked to start collections for custodians. The rest of the day, and perhaps several more days are now taken up by this all-consuming project. Sadly, I have seen more than a few strong individuals literally change career paths because of these situations.

With the Ligl Hold platform now you can press a button and preserve custodian data from a large number of cloud sources. The secret lies in two specific technical capabilities that take place in preparation for a new case:

  • When Ligl is deployed Active Directory (or other human resources platform) is ingested into the Ligl database. It is updated for a currency every few days. You now have all of the custodians at your fingertips. You also add the credentials required to LOCK data in place via the data source’s application programming interface. This makes the target ready for preservation once it enters the evidentiary lifecycle


  • Once you configure a case your custodian list can be quickly added into the case and then data sources can be selected. You can select the G-Suite, O365 and Teams, Slack, SharePoint and many others. Ligl has designed a separate step for mapping and authenticating each custodian’s data sources. Once this task is completed preservation AND/OR collection can happen with one push of the “Automate” button.

Overall this will save corporate legal departments as well as managed service providers loads of time, energy, reduce cost and eliminate a lot of frustration when they try to get their work done. Preservation is no longer a luxury – or an impossibility- with the Ligl Hold platform. To command respect, you may not need to collect. At least not when it’s inconvenient. So, don’t fret, don’t give up paralegals and IT eDiscovery friends! Help is on the way with Ligl Hold.