10 Good Reasons To Automate Microsoft 365 EDiscovery Management With Optimum

Microsoft’s Office 365 has earned its place as the go-to platform for small and large enterprises alike. As Microsoft365 continues to dominate the corporate marketplace, the number of employee emails, files and communications have shown double-digit growth, posing a new challenge for legal, Risk, and compliance. While Microsoft365 has been around for a while, legal, eDiscovery and compliance workflows have struggled to catch up with these emerging data sources.

The Optimum platform provides an integrated workflow to automate the work in Microsoft Compliance Center. Our users can analyze and select custodians by linking with HR Systems or Active Directory, create legal holds, execute in place data preservation, and perform forensic collections at scale with a few clicks.

Data management lifecycles no longer have to be managed across multiple platforms. Optimum has templatized those actions that previously required multiple application experts.

Top 10 Ways We’ve Nailed It:

1. Single and unified user interface: Our intuitive, streamlined UX is optimized for client ease of use across all aspects of the EDRM lifecycle

2. Microsoft 365 and other cloud sources like G-Suite, Slack and more: Complete ediscovery automation of top cloud repositories: including MS Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint along with G-Suite, Slack, Box, and others

3. Consolidate cloud and legacy data sources: Track and manage laptops, network shares, and mobile phones as well as on-premise Exchange and Share point.

4. Map the evidence as you wish: Configure the target and destination locations that supports multiple locations with ability to move evidence between repositories

5. Targeted filtering: Substantially decrease the size of your collections using Optimum’s targeted keyword and date range filtering for in-place analysis

6. Easy to access, securely: Streamline and secure access to your organization’s data sources with Auth 2.0 and Single Sign On (SSO) Support. Industry-standard security with OAuth 2.0 verification and Single Sign On (SSO) for efficiency, security, and transparency

7. Batch and run your processes in parallel for better performance: Achieve 24/7 efficiency with your collections, processing, and hosting jobs with our advanced job queueing

8. Resilience: Ability to recover automatically from technical failures and complete collections seamlessly

9. Forensics, Forensics, Forensics: Automatically create chain of custody, bar coding, and auditability with inherent defensibility

10. QC checks: Automatically perform hundreds of intelligent quality checks on every step of the collection and transport workflow.

So… Sit back and watch: Once the workflow is started, monitor the process in real-time. Use the interactive dashboards, grids and process monitoring to ensure the process is running as expected.